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September 15, 2017 from 9:00AM-12:00PM

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Staff Page

Name: Robby Durling
Title: High School History Teacher
Phone: (209) 533-8644 x225
Bio: I have lived in Tuolumne nearly my entire life, graduating from both Summerville Elementary and Summerville High School. After my honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, I attended Columbia College... more
Name: Ronald Hamilton
Title: Principal/Director
Phone: (209) 532-9781 x324
Bio: I am the fifth generation born in Tuolumne County. I attended Jamestown School, and  Sonora High School I have my AA Degree in Liberal Studies form  Columbia College, and my Bachelors Degree in... more
Name: James Miller
Title: Dean of Students/Seniors
Phone: (209) 533-8644 x222
Bio: (jmiller) | Gold Rush Charter School   My Account / Log out     Country School High School Independent Study Resources Vendors Teacher Forms Policy/Reports Special Education... more
Name: Shay Saunders
Title: Associate Director
Phone: (209) 532-9781 x322
Bio: I relocated here to the mountains 8 years ago in pursuit of a more relaxed place to live and raise our son.  I feel extremely blessed for the opportunity to lead at such a wonderful school.  My... more
Name: Todd Saunders
Title: IT/Technology Instructor/Athletic Coordinator
Phone: (209) 532-9781 x314
Name: Brittney Schertz
Title: Business Assistant/Human Resources
Phone: (209) 532-9781 x327
Bio: I have lived in Sonora my whole life. I attended Jamestown El. and graduated from Sonora Union High School. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Gold Rush family. My husband Shane and I are ... more
Name: Jennifer Warren
Title: Administrative Liaison
Phone: (209) 533-8644 x218
Bio: I am passionate about education and feel blessed to work in an environment where everyone works diligently to better our school and our students' education. My husband, children and I are so happy to... more
Name: Robert Powell
Title: High School Math Teacher
Phone: (209) 533-8644 x226
Bio: Visit my website at:   I am privileged to be in my fourth year of teaching at Gold Rush Charter School. I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Boston... more
Name: Kristen Ramirez
Title: Registrar
Phone: (209) 532-9781 x325
Bio: Growing up in Tuolumne County has been a huge blessing for me, being able to live in such a beautiful area and being surrounded by such a supportive community.  In my free time I enjoy baking,... more
Name: Dan Webster
Title: Science Teacher
Phone: (209) 532-0206, (209) 532-0083
Bio: Dan has spent 20+ years in the residential outdoor education field as a teacher, administrator, and teacher-trainer, and 28 years in the Maine summer camp business as a wilderness trip leader and... more
Name: Dawn Rowland
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: (209) 533-1042
Bio: I am very excited to be returning to Gold Rush for my third year.  My primary office has been relocated to the new High School II campus; however, I will continue to oversee the Country School site... more
Name: John Accurso
Title: High School Art Elective Teacher
Phone: (209) 533-8644
Bio: I have been a resident of the area since 1995. I am married, raised 3 boys, and have worked as a part-time art and art history instructor at Columbia College for many years. I continue to produce art... more
Name: Sean Pham
Title: English Teacher
Phone: (209) 533-8644 x221
Bio: I have lived in California most of my life.  My wife and I reside in Oakdale where I find rest from my heart's second passion.  Education found me early and it became my professional companion for... more
Name: Maryann Curmi
Title: High School Drama Elective Teacher
Phone: (209) 532-8644
Name: Jamie Lindsey
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: (209) 533-8644
Name: Cameron Saunders
Title: Technology Aide / Assistant Coach
Phone: (209) 288-8008