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The Country School is a K-8 program with classes held Monday through Thursday, with Friday serving as a home-school day. Country School students enjoy smaller class sizes, technology classes for all grades, and a farm and garden program which enables students to work together to take care of various farm animals and a produce garden. Project and lessons are based around the farm and garden, with activities ranging from making yarn (starting with shearing the sheep) to creating various dishes from the garden's produce.

At the Country School we share a philosophy in experiential education. That means along with a standards driven curricula, students receive a hands-on and relevant learning experience. In the classroom our credentialed, caring teachers provide a personalized approach to learning. Outside the classroom, students have the opportunity to care for our animals, work in our garden, learn science at a nearby creek, and attend field trips.

We are very excited to offer a full computer lab to the students. This allows students to learn word processing and safely research for school assignments on the web. Students also work with our 3-D printer and design and build working robots. Our jungle-themed library is available to all Country School students, and students love to curl up on a bean bag with a great book.





Country School
Country School
Country School
You're not helping
A student with a chicken
A student with a chicken
Liz and Popcorn
Spaghetti Squash
Squash Galore
Ripening Tomatoes
Potatoes and Gourds
First Strawberries
Crazy Gourds
Carrots in the garden